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Web-Hosted Solutions

Attendance on Demand is a web-hosted time and attendance service for highly secure, cost-effective labor management.

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In-House Solutions

Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting.

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Stand Alone Time Clocks

Our Stand Alone Time Clocks doesn't require any software and offer features, such as OT calculations and Punch Rounding.

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"Having worked with CTRNY in my previous organization I knew they had the time and attendance system that was perfect for my new organization. CTRNY beats out the competition is ease of use for the employee and management and migrates data very simply to whatever payroll system you use. Technical support is strong and quick to respond. From cost to accuracy of data, we made the right decision. I am going on my 7th year using CTRNY and it still fits every Time and Attendance need we have." - George Flanagan, Professional Orthopaedic Associates