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Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting. It provides the mechanisms to:

  • Track and maintain employee attendance records.
  • Reduce redundancy by entering information only once.
  • Automate leave management.
  • Identify attendance exceptions such as tardy and absenteeism.
  • Eliminate payment for unapproved overtime.
  • Minimize employee inquiries to HR for attendance and benefit information with Employee Self Service.
  • Automate complex payroll policies.

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Web-Enabled Time and Attendance Software

Automated employee time and attendance tracking with Attendance Enterprise saves you money, improves accuracy, and increases productivity and management control.

  • Payroll Policies: Automatically computes complex pay rules without custom programming.
  • Workforce Management: Provides real-time information to help managers control overtime and stay within budget.
  • Scheduling: Automatically creates and distributes employee schedules.
  • Employee Self Service: An online timesheet for employees, Employee Self Service empowers employees while reducing workload for HR.
  • Manager Self Service: An online time tracker for supervisors, Manager Self Service lets supervisors track and manage their workforce.
  • Leave Management: Leave management automates employee requests for time away from their work schedules.
  • Incidents & Points: Automatically manages employee attendance policies.
  • Reports: Provides customized reports to aid decision making.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Audit Trail Track all changes to employee time cards for Department of Labor and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance purposes.
Application Security Create layered security using organizational units (OU) policies and user account permissions. Use LDAP and Active Directory Authentication for streamlined account management. All security accounts are securely stored in a "C2" rated Microsoft SQL Database.
Government and Labor Union Compliance Leverage the most advanced calculation engine in the industry to automate payroll policies that would normally require manual tracking or entirely disparate systems. Effotlessly monitor and automate FMLA and FLSA requirements.
Software Upgrades Increasing system capacities or adding modules is accomlished through a single license file that can be emailed upon request.
Real Time Solution There is no need for complicated interfacing programs. All the data is stored in a single Microsoft SQL database. This allows all modules (Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Time & Attendance, Benefit accrual modules) to display and react to data in true Real-Time fashion. Data Collection is performed in true real time communications.
Paperless Data Collection Employee Self Service's web-based architecture replaces paper timesheets with online versions, eliminating costs related to issuing, sorting, filing, mailing, faxing, copying, and storing. After timesheet approval, data is summarized and formatted for export to the payroll and labor system, thereby eliminating redundant re-keying of payroll, billing, and project costing data as well as preventing math and calculation errors.
Paperless Leave Management Drastically reduce the time spent manually verifing leave policy compliance by having the Attendance Enterprise automatically validate this information during the entry process. Eliminate manual leave requests and approvals via an online leave request system.
Take Ownership of Your Data Attendance Enterprise allows you to take full advantage of every bit of your data. Our database is entirely open and we encourage you to use the data to its fullest potential. Need help integrating products such as Crystal Reports or FRX Reporting? Contact our knowledgable technical support staff to discuss database structure and system architecture.