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Discover fast accurate payroll preparation with the computerized time recorder that adds up hours for you. More..


Manually calculating time cards takes time and resources that would be better utilized for other activities. Additionally, manually calculating time cards increases the chance for error, which sots your company money! Let our MJR-8000 Series Computerized Time Recorder do the work for you while you save your greatest resources...time and money! More..


The MRX-35 Electronic Calculating Time Clock is your next logical step from a non-calculating clock. More reatures. Easier operation. Fully automatic. Reliable and economical, yet powerful enough to meet your needs today. More..


PERFECT for employers that want to institute strict shift pay policies with regard to their employees' shift start and end times. Model 2040 time attendance clocks have with multiple revision zones, and may be easily set so that employees are not paid for coming in early or leaving late -- those idle, non-productive hours in your facility. More..