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G-Series Biometric Hand Punch

Biometric hand readers use the unique shape of an employee's hand to verify his or her identity and collect time and attendance information. Biometric technology:

  • Makes buddy punching impossible.
  • Helps you avoid badges that are easy to lose and hard to manage.

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F-Series Hand Punch Terminals

The popular Allegion HandPunch series customized with unique communications capabilities and additional features. These clocks allow employee work times and transactions to be recorded and shared with our hosted time and attendance service. These HTTP-enabled time clocks do not require any software installation at your site. These truly plug-and-play time clocks are:

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use, manage and maintain
  • Reliable for collecting information

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Intelli-Touch 60 Terminal

The IntelliTouch 60 quickly and easily captures all the information you need to remain compliant, transparent and profitable.

  • Save labor costs
  • Save scheduling time
  • Reduce your compliance risk
  • Engage your workforce


Intelligent Terminal 3100

The I.T. 3100 is an industrial grade time recorder that provides ATM-style function keys and can operate in any kind of industrial environment.

  • Multiple reader options, such as barcode swipe card reader, magnetic swipe card reader, proximity card reader or biometric finger reader.
  • Punch time restriction. Prevent employees from punching In or Out at unauthorized times.
  • Bell Support. Optional module for using an external bell to signal breaks, lunches, and shift start and end times.


ID Punch 9

The IDpunch 9 time recorder is an easy-to-use time clock that employees use to punch In or Out and enter other time tracking information. Available with bar code or magnetic stripe readers.

Employees Use the IDpunch 9 to take care of their time using features like:

  • Reviewing pay period work hours
  • Submitting a vacation request
  • Entering tips when applicable, for example, wait staff or other service employees

Supervisors use the IDpunch 9 to manage employee time using features like:

  • Adding a punch
  • Adding schedules
  • Enabling and lifting restrictions for punching


ID Punch 7

The IDpunch 7 time recorder is a simple, low-cost way to gather employee In and Out punches and perform many employee and supervisor functions.

  • Offers simple functionality: just punch In or Out
  • Shares punch information with Attendance on Demand at regular, frequent intervals