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Time Tracking app for employees on the go!

Different types of employees have different time tracking needs. ESS Mobile is a single app that presents different options to different employees based on employee permissions. ESS Mobile accesses configuration information in Attendance on Demand to present a smart, easy-to-use app tailored to each employee.

    Instant Notification

    Notifications alert employees only when they need to take action… fix missing punches, approve time cards, or read messages. Employees can also notify supervisors of late arrival or absence. The employee's home screen changes to show the employee exactly what to do.

    With ESS Mobile, Employers Have Options and Employees are Engaged

    ESS Mobile can be set up to include the functions that various employees need for accurate and efficient time tracking:

  • Punch In/Out
  • Send Call in Late and Call in Absent notices to supervisors
  • GPS Tracking *NEW*
  • GPS based Work Distance Events and Reporting *New*
    • Punch restrictions prevent double punching or punching in early or out late for shifts, breaks or meals
    • Leave a message to supervisor and review message history
    • Enter hours through a daily worksheet
    • Enter tips
    • Receive alerts for missing punch, unapproved time card, and pending messages
    • Enter expenses
    • Enter missed punches
    • Review punches, schedules, worked hours, benefit balances, and leave requests
    • Approve time cards
    • Transfer from one workgroup to another
    • Request leave for partial day, full day, or multiple days and review leave request history
    • Change login PIN


    Attendance on Demand records all employee time card edits, employee notifications, and responses created by the employee in ESS Mobile.

      Where to Download the ESS Mobile App

      ESS Mobile is available in Apple's App Store and in Google Play. Once mobile configuration is set up in Attendance on Demand, employees can download the app, enter their employer's identification number, employee ID, and password or PIN. The app then accesses Attendance on Demand to complete the employee-specific setup.