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Data Collection Overview

Our data collection devices fit your unique work environment, and they reduce the time and costs of data collection. Review the following technologies to choose the right time clock option for your organization.

Barcode swipe time clocks

Barcode swipe time clocks use identification cards with barcodes to identify employees as they punch, transfer or perform other transactions at the time clock. Available time clocks include I.T. 2100 and I.T. 900.

PIN entry time clocks

PIN entry time clocks use a short personal identification number to identify an employee. Available time clocks include I.T.2100, I.T.900, I.T.850, and IDpunch 5.

Biometric hand reader

Biometric hand readers like the RSI HandPunch use the shape of an employee's hand to record his or her time and attendance information.

Magnetic stripe readers

Magnetic stripe, or magstripe, readers use badges with a magnetic stripe to identify employees. I.T. 2100 and I.T. 900 offer magstripe readers.

Proximity readers

Proximity time clocks like the I.T. 2100, I.T. 900, and I.T. 850 require employees use proximity badges to record their presence.

Biometric finger reader time clocks

Biometric finger reader time clocks use the employee's unique finger geometry to identify an employee. Available on the IDpunch 5, I.T. 2100, and I.T. 900 time clocks.

Telephone-based time clocks

Employees are able to punch using any touch-tone telephone, facilitating telecommuting and supporting off-site workers. More...

Online timesheet

The online timesheets — including Manager Self Service for supervisors and Employee Self Service and Kiosk for employees — provide up-to-the-minute information. This data collection mechanism works directly through the web browser.