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Best-in-class Telephone Time and Labor Data Collection

Telliris Attend is a time and labor data collection interactive voice response (IVR) system. It is specifically designed for time and labor data collection and is pre-integrated with many time and attendance / workforce management software products. As a result, it stands head and shoulders above any other telephone-based time and labor data collection solution.

Telephone-Based Time and Labor Data Collection

Telliris Attend is the only standardized time and labor data collection IVR product available on the market today. All other alternatives involve either custom programming or are limited in capability due to lack of IVR expertise and support.

It's Available On Premises or SaaS Hosted

  • On Premises
    The Telliris Attend telecommunications server is located at your organizations data center. If your workforce will call from within your campus or network of buildings there is no cost to transport calls. Calls flow across your internal data / telecommunications network.
  • SaaS Hosting
    Software as a Service Hosting is an easy to implement data collection solution for organizations which prefer a hosted solution. It's also ideal for small businesses and workgroups that find on premises solutions to be too large or complex. With Telliris Attend SaaS Hosting, no equipment is needed at your organization.
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On Premises is Available in Two Sizes

  • Enterprise Series
    Telliris Attend Enterprise data collection IVR systems meet the needs of organizations with 250 to 100,000+ employees.
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  • Small Business Series
    Telliris Attend Small Business is an affordable data collection solution for small businesses or departments with fewer than 250 employees.
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Low Cost of Ownership

IVR is a cost-effective time and labor data collection solution. It is perfect for situations where employees are mobile, transient or disbursed geographically.

  • Low Deployment
    Costs Existing telephones and cell phones act as data collection terminals. IVR is many times a lower cost solution compared to installing many traditional time clocks throughout a campus. It's much less expensive than equipping a workforce with PDA's for time and labor data collection in the field.
  • Lower Administrative Costs
    IVR systems are "badgeless" devices. Administrators don't have to issue and track badges or even worse, maintain expensive handheld PDA devices and their software.
  • No Incremental Maintenance Costs
    70% of an IT department's time is spent maintaining existing infrastructure. IVR leverages existing telecommunications infrastructure. It eliminates the incremental maintenance, repair and replacements costs associated with data collection terminals.
  • No Employee Training
    IVR technology is pervasive and used in every day life. It requires no end-user training, users just follow the prompts.